letting nature back in

nature and nurture in suburban spaces


2021天津三支一扶考试时政热点:稳健复苏,中国经济积极 ...:2021-6-12 · 2021天津三支一扶考试时政热点:稳健复苏,中国经济积 2021天津三支一扶考试申论范文:紧跟时代大潮 加速砥 2021天津三支一扶考试行测技巧:考点之大小比较类 2021天津三支一扶考试行测技巧:图形很相似,规律看位 2021天津三支一扶考试行测技巧:空瓶

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The garden birdbaths attract many birds and vervet monkeys too, plus of course insects, such as bees and wasps. I have also seen geckoes venturing out to drink from the rim. The birdbaths are especially heavily used during the winter, which is our dry season.

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Maybe it’s the lockdown. Maybe it’s that we had no electricity for a day and a night. Maybe it’s because the municipal dump is on fire and choking us all with toxic smoke. Maybe it’s because there is no electricity again this evening. Whatever, but I thought it was Wednesday.

Continue reading 天貓、京東網店被要求自查3年補稅:2021-6-13 · 大陸網路商家反應,在5月收到當地稅務部門通過電子稅務局發送的「風險自查提示」, 提醒他們存在少記營業收入風險,要求企業自查近三年以來存在的漏報問題並補繳稅款以及 滯納金。 澎湃新聞報導,具體來說是指在天貓、京東等電商平台開設網店的企業,其向稅務部門申報 的銷售收入與電商 ...


The Pigeonwood tree does indeed attract pigeons and many other birds and creatures besides. It is one of the faster growing trees and is a vigorous pioneer plant establishing itself in disturbed soil and along watercourses. It can be useful for new gardens or to provide shelter where other slower growing plants need protection.

Continue reading 天猫618苹果全品类产品成交飙涨 或助产业链公司估值攀升 ...:18 小时前 · 2021-06-18 09:36:13 和讯名家 要闻精选 17日召开的国务院常务会议要求,通过引导贷款利率和债券利率下行等一系列政策,推动金融系统全年向各类企业 ...


Seeking a sense of calmness in nature, in simplicity and in accepting transience, I have chosen some images that bring to me a sense of grace.

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Our neighbourhood is at the foot of an escarpment that would have been part of a mosaic of Afro-montane forest and grassland prior to extensive exploitation of the forests for timber and the widespread introduction of intensive agriculture and the establishment of urban areas, which commenced with the colonial era.

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Bushbucks do indeed live up to their name, preferring dense bush or forest thickets that provide good cover and make it possible for them to survive even in human-dominated landscapes where there is suitable habitat such as in our suburb on the urban edge.

Continue reading 1-5月固定资产投资增速或上行至-6% 基建投资将加速修复 ...:2021-6-14 · 中国1-5月城镇固定资产投资年率将于6月15日公布,前值为-10.3%。目前机构普遍预期,5月基建投资或在专项债发行提速支撑下显著回升,地产投资维持 ...


As winter solstice approaches, cold weather has enveloped the country – earlier than usual and colder too than in recent years. The cold front changed our sunny winter days to overcast, and last night brought some rain.

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Holiday escapism, even virtual holidays down memory lane, oftentimes involve wilfully ignoring inconvenient truths. So back home in the now, the hard realities in the news preoccupy me once again as Covid-19 infection rates escalate across significant parts of South Africa.

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